Fleeting Seconds

5:00 am sunrises

The flickers of dawn

6:00 am, waking up

Sparing a yawn.


7:00, groggy,

On a damp, grey seat

8:00 am classes

Enter, exit, repeat.


9:00 am breakfast,

Hurried, too soon.

10:00 am sun,

And its already noon.


1:00 pm lunch,

2:00 pm, a smile

3:00 pm, already

Quick to exile.


4:00 pm, again

On the same bus seat

5:00 pm sky

Hues of heat.


6:00 pm naps

7:00 pm shower

8:00 pm dinner

On the hour.


9:00 pm, away

In the pages of a book

10:00 pm confusion

Completely off the hook.


11:00 pm texts

A stolen star

12:00 am sleep

Galaxies afar


We keep on moving,

Time is a notion.

Maybe more than fleeting seconds

Time is emotion.


Lone Galley

I am the morning to my days,

I am the moonlight to my nights,

I am the smouldering flame,

To enlighten, to ignite.


I am the captain of my being,

I am personified hope,

I am the force, binding,

I am the rugged rope.


I am the smile on my lips,

I am the twinkling eye,

I am the reason that my lows,

Have even higher highs.



I think I saw you in my sleep, darling,

I think I saw you in my dreams.

I think I saw you in the place

Where nothing is what it seems.


I saw you in my head

I saw you saying my name

I saw you with a pair of dice

In my favourite game.




(Artwork Credit- Norman Duena)