Conversations with Myself, Part 1

(This is part of a 3 part series)

Who are you?


Why are you here?

I’m always here.

Why weren’t you there yesterday?

I’m always moving.

Where do you go?


Where are you now?

Always here. Never here again.

Credits- Moki

Credits- Moki

Internal Dissonance

The room is open

You walk in and take a seat.

The room is open

You stare at the blank walls and

Try to paint pictures in your head.

The room is open

You speak your mind, only to realise

That the sound echoes through.

The room is open

You try and live in silence but

It’s a little too heavy for you to handle.

The room is open

You make stories in your head

To pass time.

The room is open

You try and count the times you’ve

Thought about your life.

The room is open

You realise in pain that the years

Are slipping through your fingers

The room is open

You slowly learn that time is relative

And so, so naive.

(The room is open

You walk in and take a seat.)


Letters to a Young Poet

I’ve had exams in school, which is why I haven’t posted in a while. I probably will start writing a whole lot more in the summer, though.

During my exams, there’s been one book that’s really helped me. It’s a book that I’ve read a lot of times, and I know it’s always going to be there. And I wanted to share that with you. It’s called ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ by Rainer Maria Rilke. I recommend it to every single person who likes poetry, or just needs something comforting and brilliant to read.

Till next time!



You’ve Read This Before

You’ve read this before.

Maybe you’re looking at this on your brand-new tablet. Maybe its flashing on the cracked screen of your phone. Maybe its already made its way to the tattered sheets of your favourite book. Or maybe its imprinted in your mind, so you can feel it before even reading it completely.

Have you ever felt like you’ve lived the same few seconds over and over? Do you really think our  lives change? Have you ever felt like you’re on a cliff, almost falling, but managing to scrape through and live every single time? Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing for a thousand years. Maybe time doesn’t really progress at all. Maybe you’ve read this over and over again, only to forget it every time. Maybe those few seconds are on rewind right now. Maybe things never really start, and never really end. Maybe you’re stuck forever.

You’ve read this before.

(inspired by

credits-berlin artparasites

credits-berlin artparasites

Dark Words

you feel too much because you

have too many words to express the pain and

it hurts because you’ve memorised the

syllables that make your eyes well up and

you’ve penned down the names of your illnesses

and i know you feel too much

but darling,

you’ve got to survive the intricacies.


The Stranger

There will come a time in your life,

When you will hear the doorbell ring,

You will rise up and trudge to the door,

And see a stranger waiting outside.

You will serve them bread and wine,

You will lay the table with your best china.

You will smile at each other.

You will slowly shred all the love-notes

From the pages of your textbooks,

You will drain out the desperate pleas of help.

And finally,

You will love the stranger that is yourself.


I Need you to Learn

I need you to learn that the world wants to love you, if you let it.

I need you to learn that it can hit you like a comet, if you let it.

I need you to learn that you should be the person you wanted to be

When you woke up this morning at exactly 9:50,

And I need you to learn that you design your own prisons

In your mind


(break free)