It was 3:15 pm as I rushed out of school

To the bus stop

And all the way back home.

And I looked at my fingers,

Flickered with freckles of ink

And realised that the wood was now metal,

And the erasers had, all at once,



Stoic and Dauntless

(Poem 2 of the moments series. I combined two words for this one.)

Break the sinews that bind you,

Strive ahead and within.

Break the sinews that bind you,

To the jarring depths of sin.

Steady the ship forward,

Clatter and clang that wave,

Steady the ship forward,

You were made to be brave.



(The first poem of the moments series)

You must learn one thing first

The world was

Made to be free in.

The sharp shards of confinement

Cannot reach your

Bubble of existence.

You must learn one thing first

The world was

Meant to be exciting

Don’t let dull, boring people

Dampen your spark.

You must learn one thing first

The world was

Made for people like you

Who shine in vivid colour

With animated smiles.


The House of Moments


I want to start a series where I write poems about words I get from people. So if you’re reading this post, please leave a word (or more!) in the comments, and I will write about it in the coming week. It can be anything- an adjective, a country, a colour- anything.

Thank you for contributing!



Make It Happen For You

Make it happen for you. Talk to acquaintances- make them friends. Smile at strangers. Start small. Stretch. Stretch your toes, your back- reach for the sky and then roll back down. Then reach again. Don’t stop. Think long and hard about what interests you. Boarding schools? Crime? Cupcakes? Go and buy a book about it. Read it, discuss it with someone. Buy a black diary. Write down everything you need to do for the day. Appointments, errands, meals, anything. No detail is too small or trivial. Push yourself, little by little. Start small. Make it happen for you.



Do you remember when it started?

A hundred and sixty days ago, to be exact.

How did it happen?

A cloud moved towards the planet. It rolled in one morning, and enveloped the entire world. I was sitting in my attic that morning. I hadn’t slept in days. (Do you know that feeling, when you can’t remember how sleep feels?) I looked out of the window. The cloud was getting denser and denser. Nobody did anything. Nothing happened. Nobody ran, nobody called the reporters and covered the story. The trees kept growing. The earth was spinning, just like regular days. The cloud was pure white now. I couldn’t see anyone outside, on the streets, asking for help. They all felt just like I did. We were waiting for someone to be different. The streets were empty with silence. We were all awake and alive in peace. Nobody did anything. Nothing happened. After an hour, the cloud became sparse. The dark ages were over.

Three things happened simultaneously. The grass grew longer. We were elevated by our own existence. The cloud disappeared.11100781_800991276617467_3006421249516553245_o


And some people are in my head

Not in faces and names but 

In the form of tastes and smells and 


1) You

You came to me as a leather-bound

Diary on a rainy day.

As honey with milk and cinnamon

And spearmint.

You came to me as a sea-green canvas

In an artist’s studio.

As washes of pale yellow and lilac

And hints of gold.

You came to me in perception

Half imagined in my mind

As fabricated layers of conviction

That I knew were real.

2) Me

I always thought I was special, as

A wave of basil and strawberry

As crackling fire on a

Stormy day.

I thought of myself as an orange wall

Speckled with vermillion

As a palette of bright acrylic


I saw myself as a collection

Of feelings and smoky filters

As the seams of the universe

Struggling to hold up.




Everything around you is waiting to explode. Just think about that for a minute. There are award-winning songs being written in damp, dark basements. There are plain sheets of paper in your local stationery store just waiting to be covered in ideas. There are people composing your new favourite song in an abandoned garage. There are people doing great things that they do not know are great yet.

Everything around you is waiting to explode.

Just think about that for a minute.


The Things They Don’t Tell You

1) The words are all in languages you do not speak.

2) There are no directions.

3) There are no diagrams about how you are meant to live each day or directions on how to assemble some semblance of happiness.

4) No one gives you a paintbrush to cover all your sadness.

5) You have to make it up. All of it. As you go along.


Thank You

Dear you,

It’s been just about a year since I published my first post on my blog.

It’s been quite a journey. I think I started this blog because it was a good way to keep all of my stuff documented in one place (instead of like 5 different journals and diaries).

And as the months rolled on, with school and homework, this blog became my incentive to write (in a way). It made me get up and think. It made me contemplate more. It made me think like a writer and stretch myself. And it still does.

So I’d like to thank you for taking time and sticking on with me and my endless introspective rambling. This is just the start 🙂