Soft Light

They say that the best writers are sad

They say that melancholy fuels art

That tears ink the best poetry

That gloom has unabashed beauty

I can’t find myself in stories of sadness

I don’t cry sweet sounds of prose

Or have scars of a faded past.

I write for the blank white spaces

At the edges of the print

I write for freedom and joy

I write for the sake of storytelling

And for the gaps between stories

For soft light and tulips.

I write for the hope that someday

Young people will not need to look for sadness

To fuel creativity.



Poetry is a glimpse into the cosmos.

Poetry is sugar-coated lies, and sour truths.

Poetry is half-smiles, and steaming cups of coffee.

Poetry is sleepless nights, and memorising the echoes of your voice.

Poetry is unadulterated anger, and unadulterated happiness.

Poetry is telling someone to never call you, and then waiting for a call from them.

Poetry is an addiction, and before you know it, you will be in search of your next metaphoric hit of universal truth.