Imagine if time wasn’t a concept we
imagined in our minds and tried to
understand as it drifted away.

Imagine if time was tangible- if we
could walk through hours and days and
centuries; if we could fold our lives up and
store tiny squares of instances in our pockets.

Imagine if the distance between then and now
didn’t exist, and the future was just another
thought in the labyrinths of our lives.



Notes From A Dream Journal- Part 2

  1. I swallowed the night in a single breath. I could taste the darkness on my tongue.
  2. The streetlights suddenly shone bright. The artificial light made me uncomfortable.
  3. I saw houses on my street that I had never seen before. Maybe it was because the light made things look different.


Notes From A Dream Journal

  1. It looks almost exactly the same as the world I live in, really. Only two things are different. First, the waves in the sea move backward. Second, time doesn’t move linearly.
  2. I’m trying to run away. I’m trying to not take pride in knowing exactly how to upset myself.
  3. I can see you. You’re holding a glass of water, spilling it on the grass. Drop by drop. By the time I reach you, the glass is empty.

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