The House

(Part 2 of the Single Sentence Series)

You’ve been spending a lot more time in your room, lately, but for some strange reason it feels like your mind has been everywhere because each time you look at your orange walls you’re suddenly transported to arid deserts suffused with mysticism and desolation and each time your eyes wander to the polaroid pictures and postcards hung behind your bed you can visualise the scenes that took place like the day you went to the woods with your best friend and the day you finally learnt that its okay to outgrow people the same way you outgrow woollen jumpers and denim shorts and the time you spend in the confines of your four walls is in fact time spent in the endless corridors, balconies, and attics of your mind because no matter how much furniture or memorabilia you collect your consciousness is a house that has no limitations or boundaries.



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