The Mirror

(Part 1 of the Single Sentence Series)

When you stare at your face in the mirror long enough to forget the way your eyes gleam in the warm winter sun or the stories behind the scars on your left cheek you realise how much pain is a reminder of who you are that your survival in this world all depends on your conscious or unconscious attempts to avoid this pain that you embrace yet hold distant from you as if it were a filthy creature begging you to take it home with you and as you keep staring at your face you start seeing a different person in the mirror and let out a scream so loud that the windows in your room start vibrating in fear but surely and steadily you start getting used to the new person who greets you every morning through the looking glass and this new person looks at you like a long-lost friend who sat with you at lunch everyday in school like a friend who always knew what you were going to say next but there is something off-putting about this new person’s face that makes you want to shatter the mirror and never look into the glass again but at the same time it draws you in and soon you start memorising the creases of the new face that greets you every morning and night and you almost feel like you’re recreating yourself and losing your sanity in fragments of silver glass and when you stare at your face in the mirror long enough you never know what you might see staring back. 



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