The Final Destination

Sometimes the spaces between what we feel and think and what we say are too large to span any amount of quantifiable distance. Sometimes, we look for words for things that never even required them in the first place. Sometimes, quite often, we look for acceptance and love in the people that brush aside platitudes with dust and embers. We look for the things that will someday find us. We look for abstractness in microcosmic representations of reality. We look for inklings of life and hope in rootless trees and empty ponds. We spend days and weeks and our whole entire lives in a frantic search for something that will eventually lie at our doorsteps. We spend our moments capturing instead of feeling. We are always racing with life, trying to get past the days of ordinary existence, only to lie in the shadows. Life is not competing with us to reach a final destination. That final destination exists around us every single day. Go and experience it. Live it.

 Anna Pan

Anna Pan


3 thoughts on “The Final Destination

  1. melxdyy says:

    You’re damn right! And btw, you write very well! I am so impressed by this piece! People tend to ignore the fact that they are ignoring their “final destination”… Thanks for posting this! You allowed them (like me) to reflect on their doings. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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