How To Be Happy

One day, you’re standing in your kitchen and making coffee. You open the refrigerator and take out a bowl of fruit. In your mind, you make a mental list of the things you have to do today. Doctor’s appointments and errands and cleaning. You fit in a visit to the bookstore and a movie in there, to make yourself happy. In the distance, you can hear a song playing. Somehow, that song really speaks to you. Gradually, the doctor’s appointments and errands and visits all clear out of your mind, and all you can think of is that song. Where did you hear it last? Why does it mean so much? And suddenly, you’re back in 7th grade, your feet in the water, at your best friend’s pool party. You’re thinking of yesterday’s homework and today’s birthday cake.

Slowly, your feet dry up. The birthday cake gets over. Your coffee is ready, and your bowl of fruit is waiting for you on the kitchen counter. You get up, drink the coffee, and head out to the bookstore- to make yourself happy.



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