10 Things I Would Never Tell You

1. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of myself. I’m afraid of the fact that the second I accept myself, I change again.

2. I cannot list down my fears. In my mind, this implies that there might be a never-ending list, or a list that creates and recreates itself everyday.

3. I cannot meet the universe halfway. I cannot let things happen to me. But I have to.

4. I like light too much to turn it off. But when I enter the room and greet darkness, I never reach for the light switches.

5. I like living in metaphors and similes, and I detest the fact that I do.

6. I’m too naive to know otherwise.

7. I like writing letters to my past self, even though they’re full of fuzzy platitudes.

8. I like book titles more than books, sometimes.

9. I have nightmares that are too similar to reality.

10. I tell myself to smile every now and then. I like not sharing my popcorn with anyone, and roaming around the market alone. But I would never tell you that.



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