And some people are in my head

Not in faces and names but 

In the form of tastes and smells and 


1) You

You came to me as a leather-bound

Diary on a rainy day.

As honey with milk and cinnamon

And spearmint.

You came to me as a sea-green canvas

In an artist’s studio.

As washes of pale yellow and lilac

And hints of gold.

You came to me in perception

Half imagined in my mind

As fabricated layers of conviction

That I knew were real.

2) Me

I always thought I was special, as

A wave of basil and strawberry

As crackling fire on a

Stormy day.

I thought of myself as an orange wall

Speckled with vermillion

As a palette of bright acrylic


I saw myself as a collection

Of feelings and smoky filters

As the seams of the universe

Struggling to hold up.




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