Do you remember when it started?

A hundred and sixty days ago, to be exact.

How did it happen?

A cloud moved towards the planet. It rolled in one morning, and enveloped the entire world. I was sitting in my attic that morning. I hadn’t slept in days. (Do you know that feeling, when you can’t remember how sleep feels?) I looked out of the window. The cloud was getting denser and denser. Nobody did anything. Nothing happened. Nobody ran, nobody called the reporters and covered the story. The trees kept growing. The earth was spinning, just like regular days. The cloud was pure white now. I couldn’t see anyone outside, on the streets, asking for help. They all felt just like I did. We were waiting for someone to be different. The streets were empty with silence. We were all awake and alive in peace. Nobody did anything. Nothing happened. After an hour, the cloud became sparse. The dark ages were over.

Three things happened simultaneously. The grass grew longer. We were elevated by our own existence. The cloud disappeared.11100781_800991276617467_3006421249516553245_o


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