You’ve Read This Before

You’ve read this before.

Maybe you’re looking at this on your brand-new tablet. Maybe its flashing on the cracked screen of your phone. Maybe its already made its way to the tattered sheets of your favourite book. Or maybe its imprinted in your mind, so you can feel it before even reading it completely.

Have you ever felt like you’ve lived the same few seconds over and over? Do you really think our  lives change? Have you ever felt like you’re on a cliff, almost falling, but managing to scrape through and live every single time? Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing for a thousand years. Maybe time doesn’t really progress at all. Maybe you’ve read this over and over again, only to forget it every time. Maybe those few seconds are on rewind right now. Maybe things never really start, and never really end. Maybe you’re stuck forever.

You’ve read this before.

(inspired by

credits-berlin artparasites

credits-berlin artparasites


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