10 Things I Wish To Tell You

1. You are going to feel lonely. It will feel unbearable. You need to learn how to love being with yourself, because ultimately, no one has the potential to love you like you can.  It is beautiful to love and be loved, but these are just hints as to how to regard yourself.  Regard yourself highly.

2. Find something that makes you feel like the world makes sense, even if you can’t justify it intellectually to yourself or anyone else.  Read a book, hear the same song on repeat for three hours. Write, dance on your bed- find what works for you

3. Have have a soul-shaking, satisfying conversation at least once a week. Language was made to be used- use it well.

4. Be a translator. Give others access to your world of ideas. Don’t leave them in the dark.

5. You need to learn to really listen. This means listening without thinking about how it relates to you, or planning the next thing you are going to say.

6. Know yourself. Not just on some touchy-feely fuzzy pretty-on-the-inside tip, but knowing who you are is a source of your power.  You define that for yourself. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you who you are. This may change in time, as you grow and learn more. And that’s ok.

7. Its okay to leave any place that makes you feel like shit. It’s hard, but you don’t have to explain everything.

8. Vent.

9. Create things for the sake of creation. Create yourself.

10. You are inherently valuable. You have worth. Ask no one for permission for this. You’re going to make it.



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