the lowercase series- belief

note- i’m doing a series titled ‘lowercase’. apart from the obvious stylisation, i believe that lowercase letters symbolise words we aren’t ready to speak out loud. maybe they’re taboo, or unacceptable. or maybe we just don’t talk about certain things at all. 


i’m still figuring out belief and i think that that’s okay.

i’m still wondering what it means to blame a higher power for the mistakes i make and the

wrong turns i take and

i believe that faith is present under my fingertips but it

isn’t quite in my heart.


i believe that everything i see

from the trees without leaves to the

lake glimmering with the remnants of laughter

beholds evidence of energy

of faith.

(under fingertips)


i believe that it takes willpower to put god before the people you love

and i’m still wondering about a cheeky

little thing called serendipity.


but most of all

i believe that the energy you talk of

or the force you believe in

or the god you would put your life on hold for

might just be





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