Maybe the reason I like paradoxes so much, is that they are omnipresent – but nowhere at the same time. The one thing we know for certain, when we’re born, is the inherent nature of death. We do the things that kill us, in order to feel alive. We live to the fullest, to die with no regrets. 

And when I pondered upon the biggest paradox, that is life, I came across many along the way. The idea of organised chaos, of unheard words, and contradictory people. I found paradoxes in myself, in my mannerisms, in my being. I found infinities in nothingness, and realised that nothing with a twist is everything- is infinity.

And then I thought about knowing, and the idea of knowledge, of black swans, and awareness. We know some things, for sure- known ‘knowns’. We know that we don’t know about some things- unknown ‘knowns’. That is to say, we know that we don’t know some things. But there are some things that we don’t even know that we don’t know- the unknown unknowns. And these increase exponentially every second. With every move we make, and every step we take. How do we proceed to ever know them at all?




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